By Leslie Kelly
July 22, 2016

Don't you just love summer fruit season? When those sweet things make dessert prep as easy as a fresh strawberry pie. These treats are so flat-out satisfying, it's easy to believe they're loaded with calories. But they're not. And bonus! Fresh berries are over-the-top bearers of big time antioxidants and Vitamin C.

These no-bake sweet tarts rely on the stove top to thicken the filling in a mixture that can be embellished with a splash of citrus. Calories per serving: 219.

Pro tip: Enjoy year-round by freezing fresh blueberries on a cookie sheet and bagging the frozen berries. They keep for up to a year.

Topless Blueberry Tarts
Photo by goosegreetings

This Old School classic suspends the fresh fruit in strawberry Jell-O, just like your Mom used to make. Whipped cream is optional. Calories per serving: 167.

Pro tip: Sprinkle a teeny bit of sugar over sliced berries and they'll release the natural juices. (A process known by the not-so-pretty-sounding name, maceration.)

Fresh Strawberry Pie
Photo by Christina

Four ingredients, five minutes prep time, the final course just doesn't get easier than this. Bonus points for looking downright elegant. Calories per serving: 200.

Pro tip: When shopping for peaches, ask if the variety is "freestone", which makes for easy splitting down the middle and removing the pit. If you're going to prep ahead, rub the surface with half a lemon to prevent browning.

Peach Brulee
Photo by Kim's Cooking Now

This kinda cake slash custard-y pie is a cousin to the classic cherry clafouti. Both French creations sound fancy, but are fairly easy to make and bake, and gorgeous on a serving plate. Calories per serving: 155.

Pro tip: Don't be freaked out about the inclusion of black pepper in this preparation. It actually brings out the bright flavors of the berries without tasting like black pepper.

Rhubarb adds some pucker power to this crowd pleaser that includes blackberries, strawberries and blueberries, as well as apples. Low-fat frozen yogurt isn't part of the final calorie count, but it's a tangy add on that balances the sweet crisp.

Pro tip: At the peak of berry season, it's perfectly acceptable to cut back on the amount of sugar in the recipe, trimming it in half.

102406763 berry crisp photo by Meredith EDITED
Photo via Meredith Publishing

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