By Jen Harwell

Get out of your ketchup rut.

If you've made fantastic fries, they deserve to take a swirl in one (or all!) of these delicious dips. Plus, there's no chopping involved. Every one of these recipes can be made in 10 minutes or less.

Easy Spicy Ketchup Dip

If you want ketchup, but still want something a little different, add some spice to the bottled stuff.

Idaho Fry Sauce

Some say this recipe comes from Idaho, while others argue it's from Utah or Oregon. In any case—it's delicious!

Quick Garlic Aioli

When you need a socially acceptable way to dip your fries in mayonnaise, call it aioli.

Amy's Cilantro Cream Sauce

Cream cheese, cilantro, and spices. How can you go wrong? Answer: You can't.

Dipping Sauce

Reviewers say this is the best sauce they have ever had. Don't limit this dip to just fries, though, the dipping possibilities are endless!

Homemade Ketchup

And if you just have to have ketchup, then this is your easiest (but hardest) recipe. Seriously, even Chef John says you have to be completely crazy to make your own homemade ketchup!

Pro: You get to control exactly what goes into your food.

Con: You have to babysit a slow cooker for 12 hours.

Pro: Admittedly, Chef John says this ketchup is delicious.

Image Credit - Chef John

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