Crunchy, sometimes creamy, other times tangy, coleslaw is plenty awesome on its own, one of those iconic sides at any backyard barbecue. But when used as a finishing touch, it adds a whole new level of cool. Try these 3 surprising ways to get more cabbage salad in your life, and they might inspire you to play around and come up with your own clever combinations.

1) Coleslaw + Sandwiches

Pulled pork topped with creamy slaw was made famous in barbecue joints in Memphis, Tenn., but it's hit the mainstream, so it's not considered so crazy anymore. What might be considered cray cray, though, is slaw on top of a burger. Don't roll your eyes until trying, especially if it's the winning pair of an Ginger Pear Slaw and an Asian Pork Burger. Top tuna salad sandwiches with Spicy Bok Choy Slaw and it's straight-up magic.

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Photo by lutzflcat

2) Coleslaw + Tacos

Fish Tacos
Credit: thehappening

3) Coleslaw + Nachos

Gooey cheese on chips is typically topped with some sort of chopped veggies, so why not pile on with a spicy slaw? Think of it as the crispy cousin of salsa. There's a Cabbage Pico de Gallo that's a perfect topper. It's also genius on Memphis Pulled Pork Totchos, pictured below.

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Pulled Pork Totchos. Photo by Soup Loving Nicole