By Karen Gaudette Brewer

Scrambled eggs. Roasted breakfast potatoes. Savory crepes. Each is even better with a dollop of caviar for a salty, creamy, complex burst of happiness. Think of it as the ultimate finishing salt: a garnish that magnifies the flavor of just about everything it touches.

Photo by Karen Gaudette

Traditionally, only cured fish eggs from sturgeon wore the name caviar. Now, the name is used interchangeably with roe from a variety of species.

#Protip: Don't add any salt to your dish until after you've dressed it with caviar. You may find you need no additional seasoning.

Scrambled Eggs + Caviar

Dress up your favorite morning eggs with a dollop of caviar for a briny boost of texture and flavor. Try this easy and satisfying recipe for Creamy Scrambled Eggs with Caviar atop toast for an easy breakfast or a midnight snack.

Breakfast Crepes + Smoked Salmon + Eggs + Caviar

A little caviar goes a long way with these savory crepes. Pair ikura (salmon roe) with smoked salmon for intense salmon flavor. For variety, swap the ikura for paddlefish or white sturgeon.

Fingerling Potatoes + Creme Fraiche + Caviar

Cozy, creamy, salty. Find this trifecta of sensation in this addictive Tyler Florence recipe. This one is best with osetra caviar. If that's out of your price range, look to white sturgeon.

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