Rosé All Day is a true-blue movement, thanks, largely, to the HUGE leap in quality of those pink wines produced around the world. No more sticky sweet white Zin, the new wave of wines are made with various types of red wine grapes... from Pinot noir to Grenache, and beyond. Most are easy drinking, lightly fruity, balanced with a zing of acidity. But if you want to take a different approach, consider giving that rosé a kiss of sweetness. Here are 3 clever ways to make your Rosé All Day mission even more delicious.

So Chill

When it's sweltering outside, it's Frose to the rescue. This beautiful slushy is really not that difficult to make, though it does require some advance planning. While you're waiting for it to freeze, invite some friends over and make a big batch of 5-star guacamole to snack on while sipping. Fair warning: Go slow or risk brain freeze.

Frose Frozen Rose Wine Cocktail
Photo by Meredith

Juicy Fruit

Rachel's Rosé Sangria could double as a fruit salad with its long list of healthy, fresh ingredients. Apples, grapes, lemons and limes are combined with rum and brandy, plus soda and finished the pink stuff. So refreshing.

Rachel's Rose Sangria
Photo by Lucky Noodles

Gorgeous in the Glass

Yes, there's a big difference between rose and Rosé, but that doesn't mean you can't have a little fun doubling up on the two by making a batch of rose-studded ice cubes. Fill up a glass with those beauties and pour your fave Rosé. (My current go-to's are from Josh Cellars, W.T. Vintners and anything from the Rhone region of France.) Rosé All Day never looked so good.

Rosebud ice cubes are simply gorgeous Photo by Meredith

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