Neighbors give each other gifts all the time without even realizing. I'd been feeling glum about my lackluster track record of homemade breakfasts for my son. Then Becky, my neighbor and fellow mom down the street, gave me a confidence boost: a simple banana pancake recipe anyone can make in less than 10 minutes that tastes good and happens to be Paleo and gluten free (if you're keeping track). Don't believe that's possible? Just look at the grin on my little guy when I last whipped up a batch.


Here's a step-by-step guide to making a single batch of these kid pleasers, perfect for a busy morning:

Start with a medium banana. Break it into chunks, then use a fork to mash to a near liquid consistency.

Crack open an egg and mix until it looks like this.


Meanwhile, warm a large pan or griddle on your stove over medium heat. I like to fry these pancakes in butter, but they come out well with coconut oil, too.

When to flip?

Look for the same signs as regular pancakes: tiny bubbles everywhere, a general look of cohesion, and a sense when you test the edges with your spatula that it will hang together when you flip it: in other words, 3 to 5 minutes.


Annnd we're in business! Just look at those crisp edges.


Wishing you a happy breakfast from my little kitchen. Here's a link to the recipe!

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