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Best weeknight casserole recipes!

The best casseroles work for you on so many levels. They're easy to make, easy to serve, and can help stretch your food dollars. Here are 13 top-rated casseroles you'll want to put on heavy rotation.

Rave Review: "This is my kind of recipe: Simple! Most ingredients are mixed in one bowl, use one pan to sauté, then slather everything into one baking dish." —cooke

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Rave Review: "When I got married and moved out the house, I actually used THIS recipe instead of my mom's. Now I LOVE my mom's baked ziti...but...this beats hers. (Sorry mom.)" —Tracy

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Rave Review: "This is a great alternative to and healthier than meat based enchildas. My husband usually like s meat in his meals, but doesn't miss the meat is in this dish." —MessyMisty

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Rave Review: "My husband looked over at me and said 'Wow, this tastes just like stuffed cabbage!' I responded 'Yes, without all the work!' Adding some tomato soup adds a nice sweetness, too." —bevontheroad

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Rave Review: "Skip the carbs and make this simply delicious recipe. This creamy goodness will go into our regular rotation." —bd.weld

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Rave Review: "Awesome recipe. Very creamy & the jalapeño adds the perfect amount of spice to cut the creaminess." —Jeremy M

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Rave Review: "Awesome recipe! Tastes so much better than the canned cream of whatever tuna casserole recipes I've had to eat before (Sorry Mom). Definitely worth the extra effort to make from scratch.." —sam

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Rave Review: "Absolutely DELICIOUS. Absolutely perfect. My mother even says I have to make it again just like this from now on. Daughter tested, mother approved!" —MoonShadow

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Rave Review: "Both of my kids loved this. Son went back for 2nds and my daughter went back for 3rds. A definite hit in my house and easy to make." —suzmquz

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Rave Review: "My kids loved this! My daughter said she may even have me make this for her Birthday dinner instead of going out to a restaurant to eat. Wow...that's a real compliment. :) " —SaltyJenn

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Rave Review: "This is my go-to recipe when my evening is running late and I still have to make dinner. I cook the chicken with some rosemary and thyme or lemon pepper or any herb/spice that hits my fancy." —melmeow79

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Rave Review: "Loved this dish! To give the grits a little more flavor I ended up using a mix of milk and water. I also added a pound of turkey bacon. My kids loved the dish and went back for thirds!" —mamaofmany

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Rave Review: "Huge hit! Added chili powder for a little extra spice. I actually had all the ingredients at home, was happy to find this." —Kyle

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Rave Review: "This recipe is a delicious use of wild rice," says kathleen. "Just be sure to season your ground pork if you don't buy it pre-seasoned (usually labeled as pork sausage). Fresh Italian sausage can also be used, just cut open the casing. Works great prepared a day ahead and re-heated for 20 minutes at serving time."

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