By Carl Hanson

I'm not here to harsh your hash browns. But these top-rated recipes are tantalizing alternatives to basic browns.

1. Bacon Cheddar Patty Cakes4 Stars | Ready in 30 MinutesGot mashers? This is a must-do with the leftovers. "OMG! It was quick, easy and out of this world good," says KatMac. "Served them up with some baked eggs and fresh fruit, and was instantly hailed as a kitchen hero."

2. Potato Waffles4.6 Stars | Ready in 25 MinutesLeftover mashed potatoes in the waffle iron. It's the way Einstein would've done it. "These are basically potato pancakes," says SuperWifey. "But without all the greasy clean-up and calories from pan-frying. I serve them with chicken and sauteed apples."

Photo by Linda Trem

3. Jay's Hearty Breakfast Skillet4.7 Stars | Ready in 90 MinutesA great one for personalizing. Use leftover bakers. Or microwave the potatoes to save time. "I poured beaten eggs over the potatoes, covered and cooked until almost firm," says Holly. "Then I topped with sliced tomatoes and cheese. Served the leftovers rolled up in flour tortillas."

Photo by DIZ

4. Ham Cake-ettes4.7 Stars | Ready in 30 MinutesHam cake...doesn't sound delicious. But Ham Cake-ettes? I need that. "They're the perfect combo of pancakes and croquettes," explains Avon. She likes them with honey mustard sauce, chutneys, or applesauce. It's a genius way to use up leftover ham and mashed potatoes.

Photo by Allrecipes Magazine

5. Deluxe Corned Beef Hash4.7 Stars | Ready in 1 Hour, 10 Minutes"Delicious! I buy an extra-big corned beef, so I can have leftovers for this hash," says Georgia. "And bake a few potatoes a day or so before I make the hash. You could also use the leftover potatoes if you started out with New England Boiled Dinner."

Photo by abapplez

6. German Potato Pancakes4.6 Stars | Ready in 45 MinutesNo ordinary pancakes. These can go either the sweet or savory route. Swizzlesticks likes to top them with cranberry sauce and maple syrup. But they also make a great dinner with bratwurst.


7. Quick and Easy Home Fries4.6 Stars | Ready in 25 MinutesThere are 3 ingredients here: potatoes, butter, and salt. However, "If you like your potatoes crisp," says Wilemon, "add your favorite oil, with or without butter, and don't cover or 'play with them.'"

Photo by hungryallweighs

8. Early Morning Oven Roasted New Potatoes4.6 Stars | Ready in 30 MinutesThere are 4 ingredients here: potatoes, butter, salt, and rosemary. M. Stoffel recommends heating the pan in the oven while prepping the potatoes, then dumping the potatoes into the hot pan. "It makes them crisp all over and prevents sticking," she says.

Photo by Deb C

9. Potato Latkes I4.5 Stars | Ready in 45 MinutesNow here's a classic. Try them the traditional way, with applesauce or sour cream and chopped green onions. Get your potato-shredding arm warmed up. Or cheat a little, and use frozen pre-grated potatoes.

Photo by Montana

10. Ham and Hash Brown Quiche4.8 Stars | Ready in 1 Hour, 10 MinutesAnd finally, a gateway recipe for men who think they're not supposed to like quiche. "My husband isn't a big fan of quiche," says Victoria. "But you replace the crust with hash browns, and suddenly he's all over it...go figure!"

Photo by cleobrown08

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