The Best Watermelon Tools for Easy, No-Mess Slices This Summer

More melon, less work.

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There are few summer treats as healthy and refreshing as a slice of watermelon. But regardless of how fresh and satisfying it tastes, those melons can be rather difficult to slice. The impending work often makes us skip over the melons at the farmer's market — or we buy the pre-sliced kind that take up a chunk of our weekly food budget. But no more!

The ideal way of cutting into a melon of any size is quick and neat. You don't want any kitchen accidents, of course, but you also don't want to have watermelon juice and seeds all over your counter (or floor). The goal, then, is a slicer that is easy to use and efficient.

While the obvious solution may be to grab the biggest knife in your kitchen and get to carving, that can end up messy. It can be dangerous, too. There are, however, a lot of tools specifically created for this task of cutting and slicing watermelon, and they end up being surprisingly efficient. Don't pass off these watermelon slicers and cutters as a gimmick. They've been tested and tried by hundreds of Amazon users who find they really do help them get more watermelon with less mess and fuss.

Cut Cubes

Yueshico Stainless Steel Watermelon Slicer Cutter

This watermelon chopping tool looks kind of like a ruler with a ferris wheel on one end. But it's actually a simple and fun method to get perfect little cubes of watermelon. Use the pinwheel shaped blade to dig into the melon (and this will work on any type of melon the same way) and adjust to find the perfect sized cubes for your needs. Then just cut and scoop away! It's easy to use, and will result in just the perfect little cubes of melon you can put in a fruit salad or give to kids looking for a refreshing snack.

Make a Pop

Set of 2 Watermelon Slicer

This watermelon slicer is shaped like an ice cream pop, pretty much as synonymous with summer as a tool can get, and it's easy to use. Slice large, round flats of melon, and then use the cutter to make evenly sized pieces of watermelon. This is especially fun if you have kids (or just the young at heart) Leftover watermelon around the cookie cutter? Blend it up for watermelon water.

Wedge It

Watermelon Cutter

This is the kind of watermelon tool to turn to if you want to slice and portion an entire melon all at once. Just place the tool on top of the fruit (you may want to peel the top first to get a cleaner grip), then take hold of both sides of the slicer and press down. You won't get any fun, creative shapes and sizes of watermelon, but everything will be perfectly and evenly cut — and the process will take seconds.

Have a Ball

OXO Melon Baller

While some of the gadgets on this list seem pretty wild, there's nothing as traditional and time honored for dealing with a melon than a melon baller. This tool is double-sided and has stainless steel scoops that will work on everything from watermelon to cantalope, honeyew, and more. The big side of the scoop can even be used for ice cream or cookie dough, making this tool an instant kitchen essential.

Take a Slice

Chuzy Chef Watermelon Slicer

This is a knife that is prepared to do so much more. It delivers, too. It can core, slice, and also carve. Thanks to the ergonomic rubber handle, whoever is slicing and dicing will be protected from injury. This gadget can do everything from peeling to slicing and then cubing, making it quite a useful tool that gratefully fits right inside a kitchen drawer when you are done with it. You can even use it to cut cake, cheesecakes, and other larger fruits like cantaloupe.

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