This Soup and Casserole Saver Will Make Big-Batch Fall Dinners Infinitely Easier

"I wonder why it took so long for someone to think of this!"

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ice cube tray with six spots filled with soup and rice and a pot of soup beside it
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Even if you're not huge on meal prep for a whole week at once, chances are you sometimes have extra portions of your entree. (We've been there, felt that with some of our favorite feeds-a-crowd recipes, such as 12-serving Turkey-Lentil Joes and Panera Copycat Lemon Chicken Orzo Soup.) But what is a home cook to do when there aren't quite enough opportunities to tackle the leftovers before they're past their prime, flavor- or food safety-wise? Freeze!

And this handy, BPA-free W&P 4-Cup Cube Freezer Tray makes it easy to do just that. In addition to being freezer-safe, the tray and lid are also dishwasher-safe, microwave-safe, and even oven-safe, so reheating and cleaning up after is a breeze.

Ideal for everything from smoothie packs and sauces (pesto, marinara) to soups, stews, and leftover casseroles (speedy homemade mac and cheese? Yes, please!), each well in these trays holds a one-cup portion of your recipe. The sturdy frame stands tall as you fill for a mess-free process. Then, simply snap on the lid to make the spill-free transfer to the freezer.

Once the item is completely frozen, press on the silicone mold's exterior to release as many cubes as you'd like to thaw, reheat, and devour; or reheat the entire tray at once. Another brilliant touch: Each lid includes a spot to label the date and contents. (Psst... here's how long leftovers last in the freezer, according to the USDA.)

Not big on leftovers of any kind? Remove the lid and these Cup Cubes can be used as a baking pan for small-batch brownies, cakes, mini meatloaves, individual egg frittatas, or itty-bitty casseroles. Or put it to great use at room temp as a condiment caddy along your burger bar or as a toppings holder on your chili bar.

Available in charcoal and blue and in four- or six-cube trays, chances are you'll love your leftovers so much more with these W&P finds.

W&P Cup Cubes Freezer Tray - 4 Cubes

Buy it: 4-Cup Cube Freezer Tray, $20; W&P or Amazon

Cup Cubes Freezer Tray - 6 Cubes
W&P Design

Buy it: 6-Cup Cube Freezer Tray, $25; W&P

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