USB Rechargeable Lighter

These Lighters Are 'Like Magic' and Never Run Out of Gas

Calling all candle-lovers, grill masters and fire pit users!
By Karla Walsh
May 12, 2021
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A typical stick or pocket-sized lighter (we're looking at you, Bic and Zippo) lasts about 200 to 1,000 flips of a switch, and that's if they're stored in ideal conditions. Good, but not great if you frequently entertain around a fire pit, set a dinner party mood with candles, or use said lighter to fire up your charcoal grill.

Enter: The USB Rechargeable Lighter. Like a fire starter 2.0, this eco-friendly lighter is energized via a rechargeable battery, and lasts about 300 uses per charge. Once that energy dims, rather than tossing the lighter, you can simply plug it in using the USB cable, and it will be good as new in about 90 minutes.

That detail sold us on it already, but what really sealed the deal and made us "add to cart" is the fact that the fire-starting element is non-toxic, butane-free, and flameless. That means no residue or soot, and the ignition capacities are windproof.

"It's like magic," one fan explains. "Press and hold the small power button on the side until the green LEDs on the side light up ...then slide up the large button on the top and SHAZAM!"

It's comfortable to hold and attractive to store within eyesight, and many users say a single charge can last about five months as long as the lighter is switched off right after use.

"Using it makes me feel like a mad scientist! [We] went through so many matches and lighters this year. as I was home more often due to COVID and therefore burning more candles and incense. Glad to have an alternative," another reviewer adds.

Another says, "I bought this to keep at work - I work in an office that tends to get smelly, so I like to burn candles. I have had this for about a year now, and I use it regularly with no problems. Reliable, and I don't have to worry about refilling it. I highly recommend."

So pop that bottle of bubbly, select a dreamy date night dinner, and light those candles. This cool tool is sure to help set the perfect mood.

USB Rechargeable Lighter
Credit: The Grommet

Buy It: USB Rechargeable Lighter; $30; The Grommet

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