I Tried the Lint Scraper That's All Over Instagram, and It Is the Only Thing That Helps Me Fight Pet Hair

Confessions of a dog mom.

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Are you familiar with the myth of Sisyphus? You know, the Corinthian king who was fated to endlessly rolling a boulder up a hill in the underworld, then watching it trail back down each night? That's how I feel about dog hair. My German Shepherd, Alfie, is an endless supply of dog hair — if you've never heard the term "German shedder," here's an introduction:

Every time I pet my dog, a piece of hair falls out. I have to vacuum multiple times a week just to keep an illusion of control. Alfie's hair gathers up like tumbleweeds, especially in corners or behind doors. Before the pandemic, he was going to daycare every day, so there was plenty of time for him to shed elsewhere. Now we're home all the time, and I've since adopted him a brother (who, thankfully, is a pretty light shedder). That's a lot of hair.

I've tried and paid for many different options. My robot vacuum got overwhelmed. I replaced my stick vacuum last year, and when I'm not careful it gets clogged with hair and dust. I even upgraded my carpet cleaner, which ended up revealing even more hair. A few weeks ago, I was about to break down and buy a Dyson. Before I made the huge purchase, though, I noticed an ad in my Instagram feed. If I was prepared to drop a few hundred dollars on a third vacuum, I figured I might as well try this hair scraper out first.

The lint and hair scraping tool from Uproot Clean is an impulse purchase that changed my life. It helps me gather up hairs stuck to my rugs with more force than a vacuum ever could. The first time I ever used it, my rug became a much brighter shade of red.

The cleaner gathers up the short hairs from our rescue dog and the finer hairs from our cat. It works on linen, velvet, sheets, pillows, blankets, and pants covered in "pet glitter." But most importantly, it helps me clean my cloth and fabric surfaces far more efficiently, which means I no longer have to vacuum as much.

Obviously the Uproot Cleaner Pro isn't perfect. It can be a little abrasive around loose stitching if you're not careful. And it's little, so obviously you can't scrape a large area quickly, but I mean what are you expecting it's a $15 tool! Gathering up all the hair my vacuum cleaners miss is oddly satisfying and gives me a meditative sense of peace. I've spent a lot of time cleaning up pet hair. But now that I've got this, I can get that lost time back.

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Buy It: Uproot Cleaner Pro, $15


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