Sharp Pebble Premium Knife Sharpening Stone 2 Side Grit
Credit: Amazon

This Knife Sharpener Makes Cutting and Chopping Easier — and It's Half-Off Right Now

Reviewers say their knives are "razor sharp."
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The right knife makes all the difference in prepping for dinner. But even the right knife, like dad jokes, gets dull over time. Have you ever tried to cut a tomato with a dull blade? Then, you know that your tomatoes (and fingers) will appreciate the Sharp Pebble Premium Knife Sharpening Stone

Knife sharpening can feel intimidating or expensive. We get it. But with a bit of patience, you can save a lot of money and discover how satisfying it is to bring a kitchen knife back from the edge. Quick cut to this important announcement: the price of the Sharp Pebble Premium Knife Sharpening Stone has been slashed 50 percent on Amazon.  

Sharp Pebble Premium Knife Sharpening Stone 2 Side Grit
Credit: Amazon

Buy it: Sharp Pebble Knife Sharpening Stone, $24.99 (was $49.99); Amazon

Like other whetstones, the Sharp Pebble stone offers greater control and precision when sharpening your blades. Knives can also last longer because you're shaving off less metal than manual or electric knife sharpeners. 

Yes, using a whetstone requires practice; but you have everything you need in your kitchen to get started. First, immerse the stone in water for 10 to 15 minutes to lubricate it (this protects the knife and the stone). Start on the 400-grit side, which is coarser, to grind your knife. Flip the stone. Smooth out the knife's edge with the finer 1000-grit side. 

The larger flat surface of the Sharp Pebble whetstone means you can sharpen kitchen shears and garden tools, alongside your chef's knife. It also nests inside a detachable rubber base, which keeps the whetstone from sliding around. That's important, if you like your fingers. An additional flatstone keeps the stone's surface even so you don't chip your knives. 

With more than 1,300 five-star reviews on Amazon, shoppers praised the whetstone for producing "razor sharp edges," and one reviewer said, "I have a better relationship with my knife from doing the work myself." 

Another added that the Sharp Pebble had turned them off electric knife sharpeners for good, writing, "I like these stones so much, I bought two more for my grown kids who have recently acquired good quality knives. Much better than electric knife sharpeners that break, are loud, and bulky to store. They destroy your knives by grinding off so much metal, you'll lose your edges and, ultimately your knives, all the while scratching the heck out of them." 

Don't settle for dull knives. Go to Amazon and purchase the Sharp Pebble Knife Sharpening Stone for $24.99 (that's 50 percent off the regular price) before this deal disappears.