I'll Never Give Up My 'Unsafe' Lowercase Pyrex—Here's Why

It may not be safer, but it’s better.

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Pyrex Prepware 2-Cup Measuring Cup Tout
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Pyrex, like Le Creuset, is a brand that excels at what it makes: Glass measuring cups. But have you heard about the difference between Pyrex and PYREX? Apparently, PYREX is a safer option, as it's made with borosilicate and less prone to exploding. For me though, I couldn't care less. I'll never stop buying lowercase Pyrex products.

Some, if not all of my fondest kitchen memories involve a Pyrex measuring cup. Just say the words Pyrex and I can see flour floating above a kitchen island as my mom measures out ingredients for her famous pie dough, or me and my partner trying to make homemade pasta in our East Village apartment with a kitchen lacking countertop space.

Pyrex Prepware 2-Cup Measuring Cup

Buy it: $12 (was $16); Amazon

Maybe it's true that the glass Pyrex pieces are more prone to breaking than their borosilicate alternatives, but my glass Pyrex has been with me through everything, an ever-present sturdy, strong stalwart in my kitchen. When I heard the news about Pyrex, the first thing I wondered was, do I need a Pyrex that's already stronger than this one?

The newer models also look slightly more precise. Although not as advanced as this OXO model, which is on a slant for more exact measuring, the lines look starker on the newer Pyrex, kind of like you're actually supposed to use them. I also feel like there's a certain rustic nature in its design that lends itself to handwritten recipes, passed down and deciphered through generations.

At least I know I'm not alone. In the review section of this Pyrex measuring cup, of which this model has over 4,000 perfect Amazon ratings, I found my people. One reviewer writes that this Pyrex is "Totally tried and true! These replace any newfangled measuring cups you can find." Another adds simply, "dependable Pyrex," which is all that needs to be said.

But another reviewer put it better than anyone ever could, I think. In their five-star review, all they write is "It's glass!!!!"

After all, glass is what makes a Pyrex a Pyrex.

At the time of publishing, the price was at $12.

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