Le Creuset Has a Sweet Heart-Studded Collection for Valentine's Day, and Prices Start at Just $15

Grab something for a loved one, or maybe just yourself, if we’re honest.

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L'Amore, or love. Many would say it's what makes the world go 'round. When Valentine's Day approaches each year, it's just another excuse to celebrate and admire the people you appreciate most. And, if they love to cook or bake, there are few better ways to do it than gifting a piece from Le Creuset, especially since it just came out with a special collection for it.

Known as one of the most coveted cookware brands, this French company has been crafting pieces that stand the test of time since 1925. From kettles to Dutch ovens, there are tons of pieces that'll find a comfortable spot in your or a loved one's kitchen, all with a Valentine's Day twist.

The collection includes the perfect items to cook with during the upcoming colder months. Dotted with delicate heart patterns or splashed with red and pink, they'll add pops of color well before and beyond the holiday of love. Shop 13 of Le Creuset's themed options below, starting at $15.

Le Creuset 2023 Valentine's Day Collection

Whether you're looking for a gift for a loved one or buying for yourself, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better choice than one of Le Creuset's Dutch ovens. They're built to last, since they're made with enameled cast iron that skips the seasoning process, plus you can use them for baking, boiling, braising, and more.

Heart Cocotte
Le Creuset

Buy it: $220; Le Creuset

Le Creuset has a few options this year, one of them being this heart-shaped cocotte. Its 2-quart size makes it perfect for dinner for two—whether you're cooking soups and stews, sides like mashed potatoes or baked casseroles, and even crusty baked bread.

It's compatible with all cooktops, and can go into ovens up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit (260 degrees Celsius). The pot's cute heart-shaped design comes in two classic colors—cerise, a fiery red, and licorice, a deep black—which'll both look stylish on your stovetop for months to come.

L'Amour Collection Soup Pot
Le Creuset

Buy it: $275; Le Creuset

If you want a standard-shaped Dutch oven with a pattern, you won't have to search too far. This soup pot comes in a creamy white, with cute pink and red hearts all over and a gold knob on the lid. One single red heart dots the top of the lid right above the Le Creuset inscription, too.

This pot looks similar to a classic Dutch oven, but it's a bit shorter and wider, making it ideal for soups, braises, sauces, noodle dishes, and baked casseroles. You'll get the same versatility as a classic shape, since it can go from stovetop to oven too. There are other options to snap up, including these mini heart-patterned cocottes for individual dishes and this smaller, flatter 1-quart heart shaped cocotte that comes in a soft pink.

L'Amour Collection Mini Cocotte
Le Creuset

Buy it: $32; Le Creuset

Those who love to bake or enjoy sweet treats are covered as well. Not only can you use the Dutch ovens and mini cocottes to craft up something sweet, but the brand also launched a heart-patterned loaf pan to boot. It comes in the same creamy white and mini-heart pattern as the soup pot.

This piece is crafted from stoneware, and is microwave-, broiler-, and oven-safe. Use it to bake together, or for treats for yourself. It's perfect for seasonal breads like cranberry-orange, but will also come in handy in the summer for layered ice cream desserts, or even savory pull-apart breads all year 'round.

L'Amour Collection Loaf Pan
Le Creuset

Buy it: $60; Le Creuset

Another option is the classic kettle and mugs set. You can easily make tea or coffee to enjoy alongside those morning loaves or sweet desserts, plus you can use the kettle to help you prepare tons of different things. Use it to get water to the perfect temperature for chocolate cake batters, since boiling hot water will help bloom cocoa powder. Or, use it to heat water quickly for your morning oats, noodles, and more.

L'Amour Collection Demi Kettle + Mugs Set
Le Creuset

Buy it: $118 (was $138); Le Creuset

It comes in a nifty set with the mugs, plus it features the same cute solid white with pink and red heart pattern. You can also snap up the mugs separately, as well as grab the mugs in the L'oven collection's rainbow heart pattern.

From large Dutch ovens to individual-sized cocottes, there are so many options from Le Creuset to celebrate this time of year. No matter who gets to cherish a piece of their own, it'll surely splash any kitchen with sweet Valentine's decor we know and love. Shop more of the heart-studded collection below.

L'Amour Collection Spatula
Le Creuset

Buy it: $15; Le Creuset

L'Amour Collection Hostess Tray
Le Creuset

Buy it: $50; Le Creuset

L'OVEn Collection Mug
Le Creuset

Buy it: $24; Le Creuset

Shallow Heart Cocotte
Le Creuset

Buy it: $165; Le Creuset

6-Cup Heart Cakelet Pan
Le Creuset

Buy it: $26 (was $36); Le Creuset

L'Amour Collection Utensil Crock
Le Creuset

Buy it: $36; Le Creuset

Mini Cocotte with Heart Knob
Le Creuset

Buy it: $32; Le Creuset

Signature Round Dutch L’OVEn
Le Creuset

Buy it: $415; Le Creuset

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