birthday gifts for people who love to cook
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22 Gifts for People Who Love to Cook

If they love gear and gadgets, skillets and sous vide, they'll love something on this list.
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Are you looking to treat your friend or loved one to a special gift for their birthday, anniversary, or a special occasion? When it comes to choosing gifts for people who love to cook, the options are nearly endless. You likely want something that's a combination of practical and personal, something they'll love using but also helps them expand their passion for cooking, baking, brewing, or making whatever it is they love to make in the kitchen.

Well, we can help you narrow down the perfect gift for that special cook. We've gathered nearly two dozen of the best gifts for every type of cook in your life. From masters to novices, bread bakers to home brewers, there's a gift here for just about any person.

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vitamix one
Credit: Courtesy of Vitamix

On the Blend

They make a smoothie every morning and a mixed drink every weekend. They need a mixer that meets their requirements, and they've long coveted a Vitamix. Well, good news for the gift giver: The blender company released a new version that is every bit as powerful as their original machines but at half the price.

Buy It: $250; Vitamix

Cookbook Stand
Credit: Crate & Barrel

Take a Stand

Sure, most people cook from their phones these days, but your friend is stubbornly attached to their beloved cookbooks. (We are right there with them!) Because they value their cookbooks so much, you should give them a gift that says you care for their cookbook future. This cookbook stand from Crate & Barrel features an acrylic panel that protects pages from splashes and splatters.

Buy It: $40; Crate & Barrel

Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker Nano
Credit: Amazon

So Precise

They went to a gastropub three years ago, and your loved one has never stopped talking about it. It's true — sous vide cooking is both revolutionary and totally doable at home. So this year, go ahead and treat them to a sous vide cooker. This one is Bluetooth enabled and connects to a smartphone app so they can cook everything as precisely as possible.

Buy It: $126; Amazon

great jones sheet pan
Credit: Great Jones

Holy Sheet

We adore Great Jones' new bakeware line, not only because it's colorful and fun but also because its high quality and helps you turn out the best of baked goods. The sheet pan, while not the sexiest member of the kitchen bakeware lineup, is certainly the most versatile. It can go from Texas Sheet Cake to chicken sheet pan dinners in the same day. In a pinch, it's also a great charcuterie board.

Buy It: $35; Great Jones

The Ringer Cast Iron Scrubber
Credit: Amazon

A Clean Thing

Is a cleaning implement ever a good gift? It is when its for beloved cast iron. The Ringer, a piece of specialized chainmail, is made to clean cast iron skillets and pans of their grit and grime without sacrificing or destroying the natural seasoning.

Buy It: $22 (was $35); Amazon

wine folly
Credit: Courtesy of Wine Access

Drinks on Me!

There's hardly a wrong occasion to crack open a bottle. And now, your friend will always have something exciting to drink when the time arises. Gift them one of Wine Access's wine subscriptions so their stocks are always full. We love the Wine Folly option, which helps wine lovers learn about wine as they're enjoying it.

Buy It: from $120; Wine Access 

Click and Grow Smart Garden
Credit: Amazon

Oh the Places You'll Grow

Whether they need fresh basil for cocktails or fresh cilantro for tacos, they'll love having their own mini herb garden right in their kitchen. This indoor herb garden offers 500 pre-seeded pots so they don't have to worry with trying to start from seed. They'll plug this up, pick their plant, and let it grow. 

Buy It: $100; Amazon

The Porcelain Bakeware Set on white background
Credit: Made In

Bake It Up a Notch

Porcelain bakeware is a superior material, especially when compared to thin metals. It heats evenly, retains the heat well, and is oven-safe up to 650 degrees F. What's more, the coated surface won't absorb funny odors or stains, and it's thermal shock-resistant. And while porcelain may feel dainty, it absolutely can handle the biggest and boldest casseroles. Buy them the three-piece set, or get them one piece they can use to start their collection.

Buy It: $189 (was $217); Made In

Maldon Salt, Sea Salt Flakes
Credit: Amazon

So Salty

If you're not a cook yourself, Maldon salt may not set off any bells in your head, but a person who loves to cook will absolutely know — and adore — this gift. A whole bucket of sea salt flakes may seem excessive, but it isn't. We promise. From avocado toast to tostones, almost nothing isn't improved by a sprinkle of this prized salt.

Buy It: $26 (was $28); Amazon

Beautiful 6 Quart Touchscreen Air Fryer
Credit: Walmart

Make Fry Day

They've been eyeing an air fryer for months but won't make the leap. So make it for them. This touchscreen air fryer, part of the Drew Barrymore Beautiful line at Walmart, is sleek and sophisticated, and it excels at air frying. Large enough for two servings of nearly any meal, this is great for a younger cook who's in their first apartment or home, or an older cook who's learning to scale down after cooking for a big family for decades. Available in four colors, this air fryer is beautiful enough to leave on counters.

Buy It: $89; Walmart

Cuisinart CCG190RB Portable Charcoal Grill
Credit: Amazon

Some Like It Hot

Any serious cook probably has a preferred grill on their porch or patio, but do they have a top-rated one they can take with them on camping trips, weekend getaways, or tailgates? It's time they did. This Cuisinart 14-inch portable grill can be picked up and taken wherever they're going, and reviewers love that it is "portable, sturdy, and well built."

Buy It: $21 (was $40); Amazon

Personalized No. 12 Cast Iron Skillet
Credit: Smithey Ironware Co.

I'll Fry Away

Every cast iron skillet is like the one before it, right? Wrong. Smithey Ironware has found a way to make cast iron even more special — with personalization. For just a few bucks more, you can engrave a special message on one of their top-rated cast iron skillets, which is made with a satin-smooth finish for fast and natural seasoning.

Buy It: $200 (with engraving); Smithey Ironware Company

Cuisinart Ice 22 Ice Cream Maker with Extra Bowl
Credit: Courtesy of Williams Sonoma

Scoop, There It Is

Big ice cream makers are great for family reunions and summer parties, but if your loved one likes making custom, small batches of their own blends, they'll love having a smaller ice cream maker for that purpose. The Cuisinart ice cream maker holds just over one quart and can make a full batch in as little as 20 minutes.

Buy It: $90; Williams Sonoma

ribs, hamburger, and steaks on platters
Credit: Courtesy of Snake River Farms

Nice to Meat You

If carnivores had a gift guide, this would be on it. Snake Rivers Farms specializes in top-quality cuts of beef and pork. Their Party Starter package features everything a home cook would love for a barbeque: top sirloin and a rack of pork ribs. It's really great meat, so if you can snag an invite when your loved one decides to cook this gift, do.

Buy It: $175 (was $222); Snake River Farms

CAXXA 3-Tier Hanging Basket Fruit
Credit: Amazon

On Display

Does your friend have a small space and need a brilliant solution to storing fruits, vegetables, and other kitchen staples? This three-tier hanging organizer feels a bit retro and a bit European countryside. But it's all smart storage.

Buy It: $22; Amazon

Credit: Hexclad

You Better Shape Up

If their cookware has seen better days, or if they just need more because they cook so frequently, invest in this new line of cookware that blends all the best features of stainless steel and nonstick cookware. Hexclad's skillets feature a laser-etched honeycomb design of slightly raised stainless steel that is then interwoven with a premium PFOA-free nonstick surface. It's time for them to level up their cookware.

Buy It: $300 (was $440); Hexclad

Libbey Signature Kentfield Coupe Cocktail Glasses, Set of 4
Credit: Amazon

Cheeky Cheers

No barware collection is complete without Champagne coups, but as any good home bartender knows, these glasses can be used for anything from martinis to margaritas. The turned-in lip of these glasses will help stop spills, while their delicate profile is timeless and chic.

Buy It: $39/set of 4; Amazon

Amazon Basics Enameled Cast Iron Covered Dutch Oven
Credit: Amazon

Going Dutch

You need not spend $300 on a Dutch oven to make a splash with your gift. You don't even need to spend $100. One of our favorite Dutch ovens is less than $50 and truly a spectacular buy. This Amazon Basics Dutch oven has thousands of five-star reviews, and your favorite cook will be among them after they make their first delicious meal in it.

Buy It: $46; Amazon

Seagrass Woven Storage Baskets Set of 2
Credit: Amazon


The natural textures and materials in these woven baskets make a beautiful storage solution in any kitchen. The set of two can be used for utensils and gadgets, or they can house snacks and produce. Your friend will not be short of ways to use these charming baskets.

Buy It: $26/set of 2; Amazon

Zwilling cookware
Credit: Courtesy of Zwilling

All Fry Myself

Enamel coated cast iron has all the qualities of cast iron (great heat retention and even heating), but the enamel coating makes it naturally nonstick and a breeze to clean (yes, you can use soap). This Staub skillet will replace many others in their cabinets because of how well it cooks — and how beautiful it is.

Buy It: $150 (was $286); Zwilling

Hedley & Bennett The Essential Apron - Pho
Credit: Courtesy of Hedley & Bennett

Put It on Me

Hedley & Bennett aprons are worn in some of the country's best restaurants. That's because they're designed by professional chefs and crafted to be stronger than any other apron out there. But even a home cook can appreciate the thoughtful features (like the wrap-around tie) and the beautiful designs. If you're unsure, buy a classic neutral like the one featured here, but if their personality is as big as their appetite, consider a bold one like this Santa Fe.

Buy It: $72; Hedley & Bennet

paint bucket style packaging for rainbow explosion cake with food coloring and sprinkles
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Easy Bake

While you could use a birthday cake delivery service to impress the baker in your life with a cake from a top-notch bakery, this recipient would have a blast whipping up their own version, namely the iconic Rainbow Explosion Cake Kit from Flour Shop. Sold exclusively at Williams Sonoma, this kit comes with cake mix, coloring gels, and (of course) the bakery's signature sprinkles. 

Buy it: $60;