Finally, a Solution to Fill Storage Bags Without All the Mess

And a whole kit is less than $10!

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Say you live alone, or at least are meal prepping alone. What's a freezer meal-loving home cook to do with something sloppy like a Dutch oven full of chili or a skillet packed to the brim with spaghetti sauce when it's time to transfer to a flimsy zip-top bag?

Sure, you could:

A. Scoop measuring cup by measuring cup over with one hand while finagling the top open with the other hand, or

B. Try to make the speed-transfer a reality; dumping straight from pan to perilously-perched bag.

But if you're anything like us, you're either fed up by the time it takes to accomplish option A, or spill approximately 46 percent of the meal with option B.

That's where the Baggy Rack Food Storage Kit comes in clutch. Declared the "best thing since sliced bread" by one five-star reviewer who says this is "a fantastic invention," this less-than-$10 kit comes with six bag holders that can be used with your zip-top bags. The telescoping arms extend and contract to accommodate a wide variety of bag sizes, and work well for packing lunches, meal prep, smoothie pack assembly, and so much more.

The racks actually double as drying stations. In addition to drying the bags after each use and cleaning, fans have employed the multipurpose racks to help dry clean water bottles and baby bottles.

For the actual bag-filling process, fold the top portion down over the legs to securely hold the top open, then carefully and simply pour right in.

"We frequently make spaghetti sauce and the process of adding the cooked sauce to the baggie before freezing is frequently a little messy, even with two people. These devices hold the bag wide open so the sauce can be put in the baggy with no resulting mess," another user says.

A fan swears this is a must-have "for all the kitchen gadget gurus out there!" We couldn't agree more.

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Buy It: Baggy Rack Food Storage Kit, $9.99; Amazon

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