Get a Head Start on Spring Cleaning—These Editor-Approved Kitchen Organizers Are up to 50% Off

Shop 11 of our favorite, tried-and-tested organizers for your drawers, pantry, and fridge.

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With these colder winter days, sometimes you have no choice but to lounge about inside. And with that comes extra time (that seemingly never passes), so why not use it to get ahead of springtime cleaning with a winter organizing project? There's no better place to start than your kitchen, since it likely needs a little TLC after the busy holiday season (and year, if we're being honest).

If you're looking to spruce up your kitchen, I've got some good news for you: tons of our favorite drawer and pantry containers and dividers are on sale up to 50 percent off. They're all pulled from our rigorously tested buying guides on drawer organizers, dry food storage containers, food storage containers, and meal prep containers.

With all the expandable, stackable, versatile, and affordable options, you can grab everything you need to whip your kitchen into tip-top shape. Shop 11 of the best deals on these editor-loved pieces now and get ahead of all those spring cleaning goals.

Best Editor-Loved Kitchen Organizers Deals

If you're unsure where to start when it comes to giving your kitchen an overhaul, consider going section by section. One of the first places tend to go awry are kitchen drawers. Luckily there are a few drawer organizers on sale, including our favorite pick out of all the drawer organizers we tested.

You can grab this Utopia Kitchen bamboo utensil organizer now while it's 33 percent off. It's perfect for designating sections for each of your utensils, plus you can customize the size of it thanks to its adjustable design. We love that it's scratch resistant too, and its wood-like finish looks sleek in your drawers as well. With eight compartments, it'll be hard to misplace items. It's also made from long-lasting bamboo, making it more eco-friendly than alternatives that tend to wear down faster.

Editor-Loved Kitchen Organizers Roundup

Buy it: $20 (was $30); Amazon

Another place that often gets cluttered is the pantry and fridge. A good set of air-tight containers that can be used in both places can be a huge helping hand, and these Rubbermaid Brilliance ones are a great example of that. In fact, they landed in the top spot in both our dry food storage containers buying guide and our food storage containers buying guide.

This 14-container set is over 20 percent off right now, and it's got just enough variety in size and shape for maximum versatility. You'll get a range of tall, stout, small, medium and large containers, plus corresponding leak-proof lids.

Editor-Loved Kitchen Organizers Roundup

Buy it: $79 (was $100); Amazon

They've got a slim design, and we love how they're both stain- and odor-resistant, meaning you can keep anything in them, from spices to tomato sauce. Give them a quick clean, and you can use them again for something of a different flavor, like chocolate chips. When you are ready to clean them and store them for good, they are dishwasher safe, too.

And when it comes to exposed spaces—like shelves or kitchen counters—a nice stackable basket can go a long way. This stacking basket was our absolute favorite pick for storing snacks. It has a sleek carbon wire cage and handles with a modern wooden lid. The nifty design was made so that you can easily stack items both inside and on top of it, and there's a wide opening in the front that makes it easy to grab items from inside without having to unstack or remove the lid.

Editor-Loved Kitchen Organizers Roundup

Buy it: $38 (was $60); Amazon

It's the perfect size (roughly 14-by-12-by-10-inches) to house bags of snacks, fruits, and more. Keep it on your dining table, kitchen counter, open pantry, shelves, or anywhere that's in need of some easy-access organizing.

When it comes to prepping food for future meals, special food storage containers can really do some of the heavy lifting. Not only does it help you when it's time to eat, but it'll also help save tons of space in the meantime. These Bentgo containers are our favorite divided containers for meal prep, and they're 50 percent off right now. They have two levels—the top is divided into two, and the bottom is one large open container.

Editor-Loved Kitchen Organizers Roundup

Buy it: $15 (was $30); Amazon

They're perfect for on the go, but you can also use them to keep batches of pre-cooked or pre-prepared grains and veggies for the week in their own designated sections. It's also great for dinner prep, since you can keep saucy proteins and grains separate to prevent anything from getting soggy. Since it's on sale, you can even snag a few to keep stowed away for those busier work weeks, too.

Save on these options and more, and add some on-sale kitchen organizers to your cart. Now's the perfect time to grab one, since spring is just around the corner.

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