This Is the One Tool You Need to Make Perfect Cafecitos at Home

And it’s 20 percent off right now. 

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Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Maker Tout
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I love my Moka pot for so many reasons. It's the perfect way to make espresso without having a hulking machine sitting on the countertop, and I love the gurgling sound it makes when it's brewing a fresh batch of coffee. But there's one thing that makes it stand out beyond its ability to make perfect espresso for lattes and cappuccinos: It's the perfect vessel to make a cafecito in.

The drink is all over TikTok, and well worth trying. It is a Cuban coffee drink, made with espresso and characterized by a sweet cream floating at the top of the cup. But there's no cream involved. Instead, the crema is formed from beaten sugar and coffee that is poured on top of the espresso.

If that sounds good to you—and how could it not—you should get the best tool for the job: a Moka pot. And right now, a great option from Bialetti is 20 percent off at Amazon.

Moka Express Stovetop Espresso Maker

Buy it: $32 (was $40); Amazon

Moka pots are extremely easy to use. You just fill the base with ground espresso and pour in some water. You set it over the stove and wait for the water to percolate. You'll hear some gurgling, and espresso will start bubbling its way into the top chamber.

If you're making a cafecito, once this gurgling starts, you'll want to pour the first bit of espresso into a cup with some sugar and beat it with a fork to make some crema. Then put the Moka pot back on the stove to let it continue brewing, and pour yourself a cup, adding some crema on top.

But beware, Moka pot espresso is very strong. This is why a cafecito is the perfect drink to make from espresso brewed from a Moka pot. The crema helps cut the bitterness from the cup, and makes it a perfect way to wake up, or a perfect sweet treat after a meal.

Of course, you can still make lattes and cappuccinos with a Moka pot, you'll just need an additional milk frother. But cafecitos, in my opinion, are the way to go. Snap up a Moka pot for 20 percent off at Amazon and add this Cuban after-dinner coffee to your repertoire. You'll be glad you did.

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