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The 13 Best Grill Pans, Tested by Allrecipes

Our tester picked the Scanpan Professional Grill Pan as the winner.
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For apartment dwellers or anyone facing an end to outdoor grilling season, there are many reasons to invest in a grill pan. A grill pan allows you to achieve those stunning sear marks on your stovetop, no electrical outlets are needed. And while you may be able to achieve a sear in a traditional skillet, albeit without the marks, the ridges on a grill pan also serve to elevate your food above its juices and fats, giving you a better sear and a less greasy result. 

To help you find the best grill pan, we asked Allrecipes product tester Jessica Harlan to put the top options on the market to the test. She considered each pan's construction and design, heat retention, performance, cleaning, and storage.

After hours of testing, she deemed the Scanpan Professional Grill Pan to be the very best.

Keep reading to discover the best grill pans, according to our testing.

Best Grill Pans at a Glance 

What To Consider When Buying a Grill Pan

Size and Shape 

Grills pans usually average around 10 to 11 inches in size, enough room for grilling four to five small hamburgers. You may decide to go smaller, should you only need to serve one to two people. But if you're feeding a crowd, you may want to spring for a double burner grill pan. As the name suggests, these are rectangular-shaped grill pans that span the length of two stovetop burners for increased surface area. 

We found in our testing that most grill pans on the market are square, and for good reason. Surface area is key when grilling — your food needs to be cooked in a single layer, as opposed to a stir-fry or any sauteed dish. Square grill pans offer more surface area. But round pans do have their advantages: They tend to heat more evenly than square pans, which don't always get as hot around the edges and corners. 

Some grill pans even feature reversible sides, one with a ridged surface for grilling and another with a smooth surface for griddling. 


  • Cast Iron: Cast iron is a no-brainer for a grill pan. It can reach and maintain high temperatures, mimicking the grates of an outdoor grill. It's also oven-safe, so you can easily finish up thicker cuts of steak in the oven after you've developed a nice sear on the stovetop. But the clear disadvantage to cast iron is always cleanup and maintenance. With time, cast iron will develop a naturally nonstick patina, but that requires regular use and routine seasoning with oil. And as with all cast iron, it must be hand washed and dried immediately. 
  • Enameled Cast Iron: Although it comes with a heftier price tag, enameled cast iron gives you the heat retention of cast iron without the finicky cleanup. The enamel glaze helps to prevent sticking and rusting, no seasoning required. 
  • Hard-Anodized Aluminum: This is a term you'll see thrown around a lot when it comes to grill pans and other cookware. It refers to aluminum that has been hardened through a chemical process of oxidation to make it more durable and resistant to corrosion. It's usually coated with a nonstick coating for easy cleanup, and the aluminum base provides excellent conduction. Keep in mind that you should avoid using metal utensils or cooking over super high temperatures with nonstick cookware
  • Cast Aluminum: Cast aluminum cookware comes from molten aluminum that is poured into a mold. The process, known as "casting," creates a harder and more durable product. Like all types of aluminum, it's an excellent conductor, and it's much lighter than cast iron. And like hard-anodized aluminum, it's often layered with a nonstick coating. 
  • Ceramic Nonstick: Often touted as the alternative to Teflon-based nonstick coatings, ceramic-coated cookware is usually made of a metal base (either aluminum or stainless steel) that has been coated with a silicone-based nonstick coating. It offers an easy-to-clean nonstick surface with optimal heat conduction, but is said to be less durable than it's traditional nonstick counterparts. 


You'll find grill pans with one handle or handles on both sides. Dual-sided handles make it easier to move the pan to and from the stovetop or oven, especially if it's made of a heavier material like cast iron. Some handles can become very hot to the touch, such as cast iron and certain metal handles. However, you can find metal and plastic handles that stay cool to the touch, but keep in mind the latter may not be oven-safe. 

Pour Spout/Channels

Many grill pans featured in this review feature pour spouts or grease channels. Though not essential, these can make it easier to clean and discard accumulated grease. Plus, a pan that has accumulated a lot of grease can make it more difficult to achieve a proper sear.  

Now that you're well-versed in the world of grill pans, read our thoughts on the 13 pans we put to the test. 

The Best Grill Pans of 2022

square grill pan with steel handle
Credit: Amazon

Best Overall: Scanpan(R) Professional Grill Pan

We love this option from Scanpan(R) because it's durable and efficient. Weighing around 4 pounds, it's made with a cast aluminum construction and a nonstick coating free of PFOA and PFOS. Unlike most nonstick cookware, the brand's nonstick coating is safe for metal utensils. The square pan has narrower, closer-together grill ridges than most of the other pans we've seen, which sears and caramelizes more of the surface of the food that's cooking, densely striping it with grill marks and imparting more of that delicious seared flavor. 

The pan heats relatively quickly and uniformly with no hot or cool spots, and the stainless steel handle stays cool and is comfortable to grip. This pan can be used on most types of cooktops, except for induction, and is oven-safe to 500 degrees F, so the whole pan can be transferred to a hot oven to finish cooking thicker cuts of meat. At 10.5 inches, the pan is just the right size for four or five hamburgers or a few steaks. It can be a little challenging to clean between the grill ridges, but fortunately, the pan is dishwasher safe. 

Buy it: $140;,, or

cast iron grill pan with rubberized handle cover
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Best Budget: Cuisinel Preseasoned Cast Iron Grill Pan

A great option for smaller households, the Cuisinel 10.5-inch cast iron grill pan is just big enough to grill a couple of chicken breasts or four small hamburgers. It is well designed, with high, squared grill ridges that extend almost to the edge of the pan so the entire cooking surface is usable, as well as pour spouts on either side to pour off grease. 

Even though it's inexpensive, this pan comes with a couple of bonuses: A glass lid with a stay-cool silicone handle, a scraper tool that fits perfectly between the ridges to scrape off burnt-on bits, and a silicone sleeve for the pan handle. The lid is great for helping thicker foods cook through. The sleeve makes it more comfortable to hold the handle, but it doesn't do much to make it cooler; it still gets too hot to touch without an oven mitt. 

This grill is a good size for smaller burners; it heats fairly quickly for cast iron, and maintains an even, uniform temperature. Despite being pre-seasoned, food will stick the first few times; the company advises cooking something very fatty or using lots of oil at first, until the naturally nonstick patina builds up. As with all cast iron, hand washing is required, and it should also be dried immediately and coated with oil to maintain the seasoning. 

Buy it: $30;

deep square grill pan with two steaks inside
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Best Nonstick: Anolon Advanced Deep Square Grill Pan

Some nonstick grill pans do not achieve those coveted grill marks, but if Instagram-worthy seared stripes are your goal, the Anolon Advanced 11-inch Square Grill Pan will not disappoint. It heats quickly and uniformly, and the rounded ridges, which are a little higher than some of the other pans we tested, sear perfect lines into eggplant and zucchini and cook everything uniformly, with no noticeable hot spots or cool spots. 

The pan is deeper than other grill pans — almost two inches deep — which might cut down on splattering when you're grilling fatty foods like steaks or hamburgers. It also has pour spouts on either side. The handle, which has a silicone insert, is comfortable to grip and stays cool to the touch. This pan is made of hard-anodized aluminum with a durable, chip- and scratch-resistant nonstick coating. The food we tested released from the pan easily with no issues whatsoever, and it was easy to clean as well, which is a boon since it's not dishwasher safe. The grill pan is a good size for holding four to five burgers or small chicken breasts; the ridges extend almost to the edge of the pan, making the whole cooking surface usable. The pan is oven safe up to 400 degrees F, and can be used on gas, electric, and glass or ceramic cooktops. 

Buy it: $40;,, or

octagon shaped cast iron grill pan
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Best Cast Iron: Finex Seasoned Cast Iron Double-Handle Grill Pan

Finex is a small, Portland-based cookware company; think of it as a fancier version of the its more famous sister brand, Lodge Cast Iron, which acquired the brand in 2019. This pan is beautifully designed, with an octagonal shape that maximizes the cooking surface, a sturdy design (it weighs a whopping 11 pounds!), and beautiful coiled stainless handles that are designed to cool off quickly. The ridges are thicker and deeper than most other grill pans, which more closely replicates an actual grill. 

Because of its heft, the pan takes a while to heat up, but when it does, it can achieve screaming-hot temperatures perfect for searing a steak, and will retain that heat uniformly for quite some time. Even with its pre-seasoning and a little additional oil, food stuck a little to the ridges, but with a little coaxing, did release without tearing. The heat dispersed nicely with no hot spots, and the design of the ridges yielded impressively browned grill marks. The handles do get hot, but cool off more quickly than the pan itself. Like any cast iron cookware, the seasoning on this pan needs to be maintained, and it'll get better and better with repeated use, as the patina builds up. Taken care of properly, this pan is likely to become an heirloom and a great alternative to firing up the outdoor grill.

Buy it: $220; or

square grill pan in maroon with press
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Best Square: Staub Enameled Cast Iron Grill Pan & Press

French cast iron cookware company Staub wins out for a great square grill pan. The pan measures 12 inches, though the cooking surface is closer to 10 inches since the tall sides of the pan flare out. The design makes it easy to maneuver a spatula to flip burgers or grilled eggplant. The enamel-coated cast iron cooking surface has a smoother surface than some of the other cast iron pans, so the food releases a little better, even the first time the pan is used. The smoother finish also makes it a little easier to clean than other cast iron, and the enamel coating makes it less finicky to clean. (You can use soap and water!)

It heats moderately quickly, and the heat distributes well even if the pan is much wider than the burner; the far edges are a little cooler but not so much that food cooks unevenly. The included grill press, which is also made of enamel-coated cast iron and has ridges of its own, is a great complement to this pan: you can use the press to make paninis, smashed burgers, or to cook food from both sides at once. The exterior of this pan is colorful enamel, with a handful of rich, dark colors available from which to choose. 

Buy it: $260; or

round grill pan with grilled vegetables inside
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Best Round: GreenPan Chatham Ceramic Nonstick Round Grill Pan

The GreenPan Chatham 11-inch Round Grill Pan is a good option for those who want the convenience of nonstick but without the worry of chemical coating. GreenPan uses a durable ceramic-based nonstick coating that's free of PFAS, PFOA, lead, and cadmium. With this pan, food does not stick at all, even when you're using very little oil. However, it doesn't achieve the same distinct grill marks than some of the other pans we tested, and seemed to cook hotter in some parts of the pan than in others. It's also better suited for smaller portions of food, since the grill ridges only cover about nine inches in diameter, enough room for four small burgers or two chicken breasts. Despite its nonstick coating, the pan can be aggravating to clean: the light grey surface, although attractive, shows every little speck of residue, and it's hard to clean the crevices on either side of the high ridges. 

Buy it: $48; or

rectangular grill pan with two steel handles
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Best Double Burner: All-Clad HA1 Nonstick Double Burner Grill

Even for kitchens with oversized cooktops, the All-Clad HA1 Nonstick Double Burner Grill is generously sized to fit securely over two burners. It heats quickly and uniformly, even in the no-man's-land between the burners. The ridges are rounded and not too high; they produce evenly browned lines and cook the food quickly since the food is closer in contact with the cooking surface than with grill pans that have higher ridges. Pour spouts in two corners make it easy to pour off excess fat or drippings. 

The HA1 line is one of All-Clad's entry-level lines; it is made of heavy-gauge hard anodized aluminum, with a PFOA-free nonstick coating. The coating works great to release food easily, and makes cleanup quick and easy, especially since a sponge can glide easily over the rounded ridges, with no crevices for food to hide (It's also dishwasher safe, although it might not fit in smaller dishwashers). 

The fact that the whole thing can go into the oven (up to 500 degrees F) is a bonus, especially when you need to finish cooking thicker cuts such as steaks or chops. Loop handles with flat grips are easy to carry, although they tend to get hot, so oven mitts are a must. One drawback: This pan, measuring 13- by 20-inches, is a bit awkward to store; the handles extend a full two inches above the pan. But, with a pan this size, you could probably cook up eight or more burgers at a time — perfect for your next get-together.

Buy it: $100;

reversible cast iron grill and griddle pan
Credit: Crate and Barrel

Best Reversible Griddle/Grill: Lodge Chef Collection Cast Iron Reversible Griddle/Grill

This affordable, reversible grill and griddle is a real workhorse. It can be used on virtually any type of cooking surface: gas, electric, and induction burners; outdoor grills; and even campfires. The grill side features thick, squared ridges to replicate the grates on an outdoor grill, and a channel along one side for oil or juices to collect; the griddle side is smooth but also has a channel for oil. The handles are designed to be flush with the cooking surface, making this pan convenient to store, stacked or on its side. 

For cast iron, we found this pan heated relatively quickly and did a great job at maintaining its temperature. Delicate food like salmon stuck a bit to the grill ridges, even with oil. Although, with repeated use, a natural nonstick patina will eventually build up and help food release more quickly. There were a few hot spots, particularly where the heat of the burner was most concentrated, but for the most part, food was browned evenly and cooked uniformly. The oven-safe attribute of this grill is a bonus, especially for thicker foods that need a little more cooking time. 

This grill would be great for making pizza on the grill — you could transfer the whole pan to the oven afterwards to melt the cheese. Just be prepared to put in the work it takes to maintain cast iron: The grill ridges are challenging to clean, especially when bits of food sticks to them, and the pan needs to be dried immediately and treated with a light coating of oil to maintain its seasoning.

Buy it: $60; or

Other Grill Pans We Tested

Though still functional, these grill pans fell just short of the competition. 

rectangular grill pan with roasted vegetables on top on marble countertop
Credit: Williams Sonoma

Le Creuset Enameled Cast Iron Skinny Grill

The Le Creuset Skinny Grill pan is super-cute! Although its rectangular shape looks like a double burner pan, it's actually sized to fit on a single burner or on a long center burner, and the exterior and handles are enameled with your choice of Le Creuset's many bright colors. The cooking surface of this enameled cast iron pan measures about 11- by 7-inches, with rounded ridges set on a diagonal. It's just the right size for smaller households and could easily fit two to three burgers or chicken breasts. 

You wouldn't want to use this pan to cook delicate foods like fish until you're confident a nice natural seasoning has built up on the cast iron surface, because even when you brush the grates with oil, it's liable to stick. If you're careful, though, you'll be rewarded with perfect grill lines and juicy results. The pan is hard to clean, but the manufacturer sells a special cleaning brush, or you can run it through the dishwasher. 

Buy it: $100;

square grill pan with grilled onions and steak
Credit: Amazon

Sky Light Nonstick Grill Pan

This affordable little grill pan has a cool feature: a handle that folds inward, making it more compact for storage. (It also has a loop in the wooden handle if hanging is a better option for you). It features a cast aluminum body with two cutout pouring notches on the sides to drain grease or drippings, and high, rounded grill ridges. It's lightweight yet big enough to grill up to four burgers (five if they're small) or chicken breasts at once. The ridges are rounded but raised high enough to produce nice grill marks, but the heat distribution isn't quite as good as some of the other grills we tested, and thicker foods like chicken tend to burn before it cooks through. But the nonstick coating allows even delicate foods like salmon to release without sticking, and also makes for easy cleaning (hand-wash only). 

Buy it: $25; or

square grill pan with stainless steel handle

Calphalon Premier Hard-Anodized Nonstick Square Grill Pan

The Calphalon Premier 11-inch Square Grill Pan is a durable, functional grill pan from a well-loved brand. It's made of hard-anodized aluminum, with a riveted, stainless steel handle that has a split design to keep it cool to the touch. 

The grill ridges are very shallow, wide, and rounded, and while the grill lines the design produces are not as distinct as some of the other pans, the food sears and caramelizes nicely since it's fully in contact with the cooking surface. The nonstick coating is very effective in preventing anything from sticking to the surface, even with minimal oil, and also makes cleaning a breeze; a sponge glides right over the shallow ridges (the pan's also dishwasher-safe). This grill can be used on gas, electric, and glass cooktops, and is oven safe to 450 degrees F. 

Buy it: $43;,, or

square grill pan with two handles with chicken breasts and tomatoes inside going into the oven
Credit: Williams Sonoma

GreenPan Premiere Ceramic Nonstick Outdoor/Indoor Square Grill Pan

Outdoor grilling is great, but when you're cooking something delicate like a fish fillet, or small, like asparagus, it can be a fraught proposition. Enter GreenPan's Outdoor/Indoor Square Grill Pan, which is engineered to be used both indoors on the stove or in the oven, as well as on an outdoor gas grill, up to 600 degrees F. 

The hard-anodized, 11-inch square pan has low, rounded grill ridges and the interior is coated with a very slick, shiny ceramic nonstick coating that's durable enough to withstand metal utensils. Stainless-steel loop handles are riveted onto the body, with a design that's flush on the interior to prevent food residue from collecting in crevices. On a burner, the grill pan heats quickly, with a little uneven heat over the heat source. Grill marks are not as sharply defined as on grill pans with less-rounded ridges, and the slippery finish can cause food to skitter out of reach as you're trying to flip it… but at least it doesn't stick! Those who hate doing dishes will love how easy this pan is to clean — it practically wipes clean with a single swipe of a sponge.

Buy it: $90;

deep square grill pan on black and grey background
Credit: Amazon

BergHOFF GEM Non-Stick Grill Pan

The BergHOFF Gem Nonstick Grill Pan has won awards for its clever design: The molded plastic handle detaches from the pan itself with the press of a button. Not only is this great for storage, but it allows the pan to be oven-safe. You can easily transfer the pan to the oven with the handle, then detach it, and slip the handle back on again to lift the pan back out of the oven (no more burnt hands from accidentally grabbing the handle of a pan that's just come out of the oven!). 

The pan is lightweight and compact, with a speckled nonstick coated interior and low, rounded ridges that stripe diagonally across the pan's surface. It's safe to use on gas, ceramic, and electric cooktops, as well as induction. The pan heats fairly quickly and there are no noticeable hotspots. If you're a fan of dark, well-defined grill marks, you might be disappointed in the lighter, slightly blurred marks this pan produces, but it does cook food uniformly, with no sticking and easy cleanup.  

Buy it: $80;,, or

How We Tested Each Grill Pan

To test each grill pan, Allrecipes product tester Jessica Harlan used them to grill the following: 

After use, Jessica cleaned each pan according to the manufacturer's instructions. During testing, we paid special attention to the following factors: 

  • Construction and Design: What materials is it made of? What is the size and weight? Are the handles comfortable to hold? 
  • Heat Retention: How quickly does it heat? How well does it maintain that heat? Any hot spots? 
  • Performance: Does food stick to the surface? Does it produce well-defined grill marks? What about a nice sear or caramelization? 
  • Cleaning/Storage: Is it dishwasher-safe? Is it difficult to clean between the grooves? Does it feature a pour spout or grease channel? Is it too bulky to store or is it easily stackable with other cookware?