The Best Citrus Juicers To Get The Most Out of Every Drop

Between manual and electric citrus juicers, we think the Chef’n FreshForce is our favorite.

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best citrus juicers
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All kinds of unique recipes involve some type of citrus fruit — from refreshing salads to tangy meat marinades to some of your favorite cocktails. And don't forget beloved favorites like cheesecakes, pies, sorbets, and other desserts that need the fruit, zest, or juice of these types of produce.

Grapefruits, clementines, limes, kumquats, lemons, tangerines, oranges, pomelos, and others are known for their tart and sweet flavor that can be enjoyed via the fruit or its juice. Peel the skin away, though, and the process of getting any freshly squeezed citrus juice of your choice can get messy, quick.

While one or two hands can be used to squeeze, luckily, there are several types of juicers that make it a breeze to extract every last drop. But not every citrus fruit juicer is made equally. To help paint the full picture of the differences among those on the market, we've rounded up our favorite models and detailed the pros, cons, and everything else you need to know before buying one yourself. Keep scrolling to see why the is our top pick as well as the others that made our list of the best citrus juicers for easy squeezing.

Our Favorites

Best Overall: Chef'n FreshForce Citrus Juicer

Best Citrus Juicers

Also available at Walmart, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Crate & Barrel.

Why It's Great

  • Easy to use
  • Compact size
  • Dishwasher safe

Grain of Salt

  • Manual operation

This tried-and-true design and affordable price point are just some of the reasons why the Chef'n FreshForce Citrus Juicer is our top pick. Simply cut the fruit of your choice into the appropriate size, place it in the juicer cut side down, and squeeze. Liquid flows from holes in the bottom of the juicer, and the dual gear design was created to help get more out of the fruit's flesh.

Perhaps a feature we like even more than how effortless it is to use is that it is dishwasher safe. It can go right on the top rack of the dishwasher once it's used, no rinsing, soaking, or disassembling required. Keep in mind, however, that the juicer weighs almost a pound — but with all that weight comes more promise of getting as much juice out as possible.

The Details: Stainless steel and nylon construction; weighs 15 ounces; dishwasher safe

Best Electric: Black+Decker Citrus Juicer

Best Citrus Juicers

Also available at Walmart.

Why It's Great

  • Pressure activated
  • Compact design
  • Pulp-catching

Grain of Salt

  • Plug-in required

For juicing jobs that require more than a few teaspoons or ounces, the 32-ounce Black+Decker electric option comes in handy. Its small design means it won't take up too much room on the counter, and the cord wraps around the base of the machine for easy storage. Although you will have to use it near an outlet, for just $20, it's a cheap mechanical option.

It's also one to keep in mind for mornings when you're craving a fresh cup of orange juice — even if you prefer no pulp. We love this one because all you need to do to get the liquid to fill the base is cut the fruit, place it on the cone, and the juicer starts to spin. For those who want smoother sips, a strainer right below the cone catches pulp, seeds, and anything else that may be in the juice.

The Details: Plastic construction; weighs 2.24 pounds and holds 32 ounces, all parts are dishwasher safe

Best Manual: OXO Good Grips Wooden Citrus Reamer

Best Citrus Juicers

Also available at Bed Bath & Beyond and OXO.

Why It's Great

  • Compact size
  • Solid wood and oil finish
  • Affordable

Grain of Salt

  • Hand wash

There's a reason why so many recipes feature a squeeze of a lemon or lime, or a splash of grapefruit juice. For those little jobs, an elaborate juicer isn't needed, and that's where the reamer comes in. We approve of this one from OXO because it is compact and won't take up too much space in a drawer, and it's practically fool-proof.

While other citrus juicer models promise to get every last drop of juice, this one is one we know will finish the job since it is entirely manual. See a little bit of fruit the reamer didn't reach the first time? Its shape allows you to dig in and get everything out of the fruit.

The Details: Beechwood construction; weighs 1.6 ounces; hand wash

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Best Versatile: Esie Houzie Citrus Tools Set

Best Citrus Juicers

Why It's Great

  • Good for juicing and zesting
  • Nonslip rubber handle
  • Acid-resistant

Grain of Salt

  • Not ideal for large quantities

It's not just the juice of citrus fruits that contains all the flavor, the zest is also an important addition to many dishes thanks to the natural oils it holds that make it less acidic than juice. Many recipes call for both in order to get the full flavor profile, and we recommend the Esie Houzie Citrus Tools Set because it makes it easier than ever to get all you need out of the fruit.

The contraption is the most versatile citrus juicer because it contains a reamer and grater in one, complete with a rubber handle to prevent it from slipping out of your grip. Hold it with the reamer on top to use the grating as a strainer to catch pulp and seeds, or flip it 180 degrees to use the grater for zest or any other shavings you need — including chocolate, ginger, garlic, parmesan, and more.

Both tools are close together, so it's important to keep a steady hand to avoid hitting the grater while you're juicing. On the plus side, you can check off several steps with this one tool, and it's extremely affordable.

The Details: Stainless steel and rubber construction; weighs 5.6 ounces; dishwasher safe

Best for Cocktails: Cuisinart Pulp Control Citrus Juicer

Best Citrus Juicers

Also available at Williams Sonoma, Walmart, and Home Depot.

Why It's Great

  • Button operated
  • Three speed settings
  • Dishwasher safe

Grain of Salt

  • Weighs 4 pounds

At-home mixologists, this citrus juicer was made for you. Designed to require very minimal effort, this juicer takes away the need for an expensive appliance, and we approve.

The Cuisinart machine is tall and has a long spout that directs juice right into a cup. It has three speed settings — low, medium, and high — and also has something called a "Final-Spin" feature that drains even more of the juice left in the machine when all the fruit is done.

To use, cut citrus fruits in half and place it fruit-side down onto the reamer. Once you press the fruit down, the machine starts to spin at the chosen speed. It grinds all the juice out, catching seeds and pulp in the built-in strainer, and leaves you with a glass full of nothing but fresh, tangy juice perfect for any mimosa, martini, vodka lemonade, or lemon drop shot.

The Details: Stainless steel construction; weighs 4 pounds; removable parts are dishwasher safe

Best for Kids: Proctor Silex Alex's Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer Machine

Best Citrus Juicers

Also available at Walmart and Wayfair.

Why It's Great

  • Includes two reamer sizes
  • Designed for small hands
  • Donation with every purchase

Grain of Salt

  • Requires a lot of arm movement

It's not just adult beverages that taste better with fresh juice rather than store-bought. With Alex's Lemonade Stand Citrus Juicer, kids' lemonade stands can feature freshly squeezed juice too, as the kiddos can use it to make their own drinks from scratch.

It comes with two reamer sizes, a pulp catcher that locks into place, and a lever for selecting just how much pulp you want in the juice. Once everything is secure and the juicer is plugged in, place a fruit cut-side down on the reamer and press. The machine spins, extracting the juice into a 34-ounce pitcher, which is easy to pour from.

Not only do we think this citrus juicer is easy for anyone to use, one dollar of every purchase goes to the Alex's Lemonade Stand Foundation, which funds research into childhood cancer and support for kids with cancer.

The Details: Plastic construction; weighs over 2 pounds and holds 34 ounces; parts are dishwasher safe

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Best Splurge: Zulay Professional Press Stand Citrus Juicer

Best Citrus Juicers

Why It's Great

  • Easy to use
  • Built to last
  • Works quickly

Grain of Salt

  • Pricey

Our most splurge-worthy pick is this professional-grade manual citrus juicer from Zulay Kitchen. Yes, it doesn't require electricity to use, but instead relies on good ol' gravity! The heavy-duty juicer weighs over 15 pounds, providing enough pressure to push down and get the most juice out of any orange, lime, grapefruit, or other citrus fruit.

The base is wide enough to fit any size glass, and the juice comes out without a mess. Even with its cast iron base and stainless steel strainer cup, its parts are dishwasher safe, so you won't have to get your hands all sticky. If convenience and ease of use are at the top of your list of requirements in a citrus juicer, this one will be worth it.

The Details: Cast iron base and stainless steel construction; weighs 15 pounds; dishwasher safe

Our Takeaway

While it is easy to simply cut a lemon or other fruit and squeeze, it takes a lot of hand strength and time. With so many citrus juicers on the market, we love the Chef'n FreshForce Citrus Juicer because it makes the process just as simple — without needing to plug in a machine or put several parts together. Plus, it can go right in the dishwasher once you're done using it.

How to Pick the Right Citrus Juicer


With both manual and electric citrus juicers out there, it can be hard to decide which one suits your needs best. It's important to look at hand and arm strength that many of the handheld options require because any weakness can lessen the effectiveness of the tool and result in less juice. Electric options, while they don't need much manual movement to juice, can be heavy. They also typically have more parts that require cleaning after each use.


What you plan on using citrus juice for will also determine which juicer better suits those needs. Light spritzing of salads, meat, or other foods doesn't need to come from a juicing machine and can be done perfectly with a handheld juicer. For drinks, sauces, and other recipes that require more citrus juice, you may want to consider getting an electric version to make it quicker and easier to extract larger amounts of liquid.


If you're pressed for counter or cabinet space, a smaller citrus juicer, like a wooden reamer, may work better for you. While it could require more effort and may not be dishwasher safe, it doesn't take up a lot of room in a drawer.

Common Questions

Is it worth buying a citrus juicer?

Anyone who has cut and juiced multiple limes or other citrus fruits can tell you how tedious the process becomes when doing it by hand. If you frequently use your hands, a citrus juicer is a helpful tool that saves time as well as money by getting as much liquid as possible out of the fruit.

What is the best way to juice citrus?

The one thing all citrus juicers have in common is force, whether it comes from the user or a machine. When enough strength is used, more juice comes out of a citrus fruit, regardless of a pressing, spinning, or crushing movement.

Do you need to peel citrus before juicing?

With any of the models in our roundup, peeling the citrus fruit before juicing is not required.

Why Take Our Word For It?

Amanda McDonald has over seven years of experience researching, writing, and editing about all things food — from what new products are at the grocery store to chef-approved hacks that keep tricky leftovers fresh for days. Each citrus juicer was carefully selected based on her expertise in the convenience and effectiveness of kitchen appliances — and her love of juicing at home!

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