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5 Citronella Candles That Keep Bugs Away and Actually Smell Good

Plus, they're beautiful.
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Warmer, longer days provide plenty of opportunities to be outside. Barbeques, afternoons by the pool, al fresco happy hours and dinner parties, sitting around a campfire, and seasonal vacations are all returning with full force. And while we are excited to spend all that quality time in the outdoors with our friends and family, humans won't be the only species living it up this summer.

In case you haven't spent enough time outdoors to remember, female mosquitoes rely on blood to reproduce and will be taking full advantage of hot vaxxed summer. And if you're one of those people mosquitoes love to bite, we feel you and are here to help.

Whether you'd rather stay away from bug spray or just need some backup in your backyard, these pretty citronella candles will ward off bug bites without stinking up your patio or sacrificing the vibes you've worked so hard to maintain. These citronella candles will tell mosquitoes and the creepy crawlies to bug off without irritating any human company.

aijun citronella candle
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Aojun 3-Wick Citronella Candles

Aojun's chic set of citronella candles doesn't just look good. Thanks to their multiple wicks and soy wax base, they'll burn longer without creating any black smoke and causing harm to people, pets, and the environment. As an added bonus, the designed tins make the candles travel-friendly. 

Buy it: $33 for a pack of 3; Amazon

close to nature cintronella candle and box
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Close to Nature Jar Citronella Candle

Close to Nature's jarred citronella candles are safe to burn both indoors and out, and ward off insects without a harsh chemical odor. Each candle can burn for more than 30 hours, meaning that a box of four will protect a family for three to four weeks. 

Buy it: $24 for a set of 4; Amazon

winbattle citronella candle
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Winbattle Citronella Candle

Winbattle's citronella candles are made with soybean wax and have 100 percent cotton wicks, making them an environmentally friendly choice that just so happens to come in a beautiful and reusable handmade stoneware container. Additionally, these candles only contain six percent citronella essential oil, meaning they'll keep bugs away without reeking. 

Buy it: $17; Amazon

gisly citronella candle and box
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Gisly Citronella Candles

Gisly's citronella candles aren't just some of the prettiest outdoor candles you've ever seen. They're also robust, with three wicks and 75 to 80 hours of burn time, yet gentle enough to use both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, every review for this product has a 5-star rating on Amazon. 

Buy it: $29 for a set of 3; Amazon

hausware citronella candles
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Hausware Citronella Candles

If you're looking for a sizable citronella candle that doesn't smell too strong, Hausware's portable soy wax candles make a great option. Each candle comes in at 13.5 ounces and features 3 wicks, making for a more powerful (but less smelly) burn. 

Buy it: $30 for a set of 3; Amazon