Finally, a Smarter Way to Clean Up Bacon Grease

"I've saved so many paper towels!"

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Sunday mornings are extra nice when you have time to cook up a batch of bacon (and pancakes or waffles, too). But as much as we love our weekend breakfasts, all that grease can be a mess, and that alone might put you off from your breakfast feast. But there's one product that aims to make bacon easier to clean up, which makes bacon easier to cook.

Green City Living's The Bacon Sponge just might be the brilliant solution we never realized we needed. The sponge is made of quilted polyester microfiber and organic cotton that is meant to soak up all your grease and oil from your favorite fried foods. They also save you from wasting a bunch of your always-in-demand paper towels.

This eco-friendly sponge is an "unpaper" towel that was developed to drain grease from bacon and other fried foods, like chicken or fries, after they are cooked. Just pile your delicious greasy goodness onto the cotton side of the towel, and let the drippings get absorbed into its layers. Then, enjoy your food, be it bacon or fried pickles. You'll have all the crispy tastiness minus the extra grease. This towel can in fact absorb as much as ten times its weight in grease or liquid, which is more than we can say for paper towels.

Don't cook bacon very often? That's OK. As one happy Amazon shopper can attest, the grease-wicking Bacon Sponge can be used for other seeping foods: "Love the name but we didn't actually use it on bacon. It works great on fried green tomatoes and other fried things. I'm sure it would work great on bacon. It was very easy to wash and came out like new."

Another writes, "We try to be as sustainable as we can. I hated buying paper towels for bacon grease b/c we would always use them for everything else b/c they were there. Now that I have this fancy little towel, we no longer buy paper towels and I am beyond happy. It also cleans very well!"

When it is time to clean the Bacon Sponge, just soak it in hot water and dish soap for 15 minutes or so, then throw it in the wash with your other towels. After that, it'll be ready for reuse.

Will you end up with bacon-scented towels as an added bonus? Probably not, but here's hoping.

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