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Amazon Shoppers Say This 'Genius' Dishwasher Magnet Saves Them So Many Headaches

And it's less than $8.
By Aly Walansky
September 15, 2021
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Washing dishes is rarely anyone's favorite household chore. That is why a nice dishwasher that can take care of the scrubbing for you is such a coveted appliance. But as helpful as a dishwasher can be in streamlining kitchen tasks, it can lead to a lot of drama.

Arguments about whether or not the dishwasher has been loaded or unloaded, or if the contents have yet to be cleaned — things can get pretty confusing. And no one wants the hassle of going to set the table for dinner and discovering all the dishes and silverware are still dirty.

But now there's a fix that can solve all these problems: these magnetic dishwasher signs. They are a simple solution for a task that confounds many homes.

The magnet has a "clean" white indicator on one side and a "dirty" gray on the other. Whenever anyone starts a dishwasher cycle, all they need to do is flip the magnet. When the dishwasher is unloaded, flip it back so others know they can put their dirty items in the machine. This takes seconds and avoids a lot of unnecessary confusion — or unfortunate family arguments — and more than 12,500 Amazon shoppers have given the sign five stellar stars.

"After unloading the dishwasher full of dirty dishes twice, I decided it was time to buy a clean/dirty dishwasher magnet. I love this one because it is so cute!" gushed one 5-star Amazon review.

Another fan of the magnetic sign says, "After getting in trouble with my wife multiple times for putting dirty dishes in a washer filled with clean dishes, I sought to find a solution. This magnet was just that. The decal stuck to my washer with a magnet because the frame is metal, but they do provide a piece of metal backed with 3m in case this is not the case with your washer."

No one wants to waste time, water, and energy washing dishes that have already been washed — and everyone wants to avoid the drama of arguing over the dishwasher's cleanliness status. This ″genius″ magnet may just be the easiest and most effective solution there is — outside of a better memory, that is. Grab the BabyPop Magnetic Dishwasher Sign right now for less than $8, and take one worry of your mind.

Buy it: $7.88 (was $10); Amazon