Celebrity Chefs Swear by These Clear Jars for Pristine Pantries, and We Found a $6 Version at Walmart

An attractive pantry must-have.

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Anchor Hocking Glass 1/2 Gallon Glass Heritage Hill Jar with Lid
Photo: Walmart

When it comes to maintaining an organized kitchen, everyone has their tried-and-true favorite tools. And for celebrity chefs like Ree Drummond and Ina Garten, it's trusty clear jars and bins that keep their pantries in pristine, photo-worthy condition.

Recently, The Pioneer Woman posted two videos to her Instagram account detailing her personal pantry restock routine. In the first one, she piles her giant bags of flour into large glass jars with the caption: "I pulled every single thing out, immediately regretted it, then cleaned the pantry and put it all back, much neater this time around!" In the second video, she uses jars to keep stock of her dried beans, pasta, rice, and other grains, transforming her jumbled mess to an organized oasis.

But she's not alone. Ina Garten also shared her pantry restock routine on Instagram just a few months ago, which conveniently included see-through bins to house all of her grains, beans, and lentils.

See-through glass and plastic containers are a great way to keep tabs on what's in stock, and a set lined up on your pantry or cabinet shelves is an undeniably eye-catching look. So if you're looking for a great set of clear jars to achieve a pantry that mirrors a celebrity chef, we found these great ones from Walmart starting at only $6.

Anchor Hocking Glass 1/2 Gallon Glass Heritage Hill Jar with Lid

Buy it: Anchor Hocking Glass .5-Gallon Glass Heritage Hill Jar with Lid $6; Walmart

Available in three different sizes —.5-gallon, 2-gallon, and .75 gallon — these glass jars from Anchor Hocking are a great cupboard staple. Each one comes with a fitted glass lid to keep all of your dried goods contained, visible, and fresh. Since they're made of glass, you can pop them in the dishwasher for a quick clean, and they look attractive placed on your countertop or lined up in the cabinet.

Reviewers on Walmart give these jars a 4.4-star rating, writing that they're versatile, quality-made, and great for finding items easily. Users say they've bought a variety of sizes, and that the containers are perfect for ingredients like flour, sugar, rice, and coffee, as well as snacks like cookies. So if you want to make your pantry look as organized as The Pioneer Woman's space, head to Walmart to pick up your own jars for only $6.

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